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Different conditions require different tools. Not all lasers are the same. At Arizona Advanced Dermatology we have a wide array of lasers to give our patients the best chance of obtaining the outcome they want.

The Fraxel® laser is a non ablative resurfaceing laser that can rejuvenate the skin. The Fraxel® laser can help reduce wrinkles, lighten brown spots, and improve tone and texture.

For more information – follow this link: Fraxel®

The Vbeam Perfecta is the most advanced pulsed dye laser. It is considered the safest and most effective laser for treating “broken blood vessels” on the face and other vascular conditions such as hemangiomas and port wine stains. This laser also is used in treating warts.

For more information follow these links:
VBeam – Broken blood vessels
VBeam – Port Wine Stains
VBeam - Warts

The GentleLase is an Alexandrite laser which has been shown to be very effective in achieving permanent hair removal.

For more information -  follow this link: GentleLase
The Q-switched Ruby laser is a pigment specific laser that is very effective in removing “brown spots’ and tattoos.

For more information - follow these links:
Q-switched Ruby laser – “brown spots”
Q-switched Ruby laser – tattoos
The VariLite 940nm laser is a relatively new laser for the treatment of “broken blood vessels” on the face. This laser works best for slightly larger blood vessels. Immediately after  the procedure the vessels are gone without any evidence that anything was just done. There is virtually no “down time” after this laser.

For more information – follow this link: Broken Blood Vessel - VariLite
The VariLite 532nm laser works best for small broken blood vessels on the face. The vessels are simply traced and then disappear. It is a safe effective laser and has virtually no "down time" after the procedure.

The Erbium laser is an amazing laser that is mostly used to remove “bumps” from the face. From moles to keratoses – “bumps” can be “vaporized” and removed in a safe and effective way. The laser is relatively painless and requires no injections for anesthesia. After the 3 minute procedure the most common reaction after being presented a mirror, is “Oh , Wow! That’s incredible!”

The Silk Touch laser is a resurfacing laser used to improve deeper wrinkles. While still used on occasion most of our patients prefer the Fraxel laser due to less “down time” and a higher safety profile.

For more information – follow the link: Laser resurfacing
The Xtrac excimer laser is used primarily to treat psoriasis and vitiligo. This is a completely painless laser that uses an narrow beam of visible light to stimulate the bodies own immune system to combat either psoriasis and vitilgo. Light therapy has been used successfully for decades for treating both of these conditions. The excimer laser is the latest break-through in light therapy and has been shown to be even more effective than previous devices. The excimer laser can clear psoriasis and keep psoriasis away for months. The excimer laser is one of the only methods that can actually repigment vitiligo.
For more information – follow the links:

The Sharplan carbon dioxide laser is used primarly to treat pre-cancerous changes on the lips, warts, and raised vascular growths. The doctors at Arizona Advanced Dermatology get numerous referrals every week from other Dermatologists in The Valley for treatment of these conditions due to their expertise. While this is a destructive laser and causes a wound that will heal over a weeks time, it is more specific and effective than other modalities such as electrocautery.
Fractora is the newest development in facial rejuvenation. It uses cutting edge technology to safely and effectively rejuvenate the skin. Fractora uses ablative radio frequency to heat the deep collagen and peel the superficial skin. The level of ablation can be adjusted to match a patient’s needs. From a very light refreshing peel to a deeper peel to improve deeper lines.

The procedure is not very painful at all. For most cases only topical anesthetic cream is used. There is redness and some peeling after the procedure but not the swelling you sometimes get with Fraxel.

Fractora can improve fine wrinkles, even out skin color, improve skin tone and texture. This is a new technology. The results have been very encouraging. This technology may replace Fraxel as the standard of care for facial rejuvenation.
Forma is an exciting new treatment for facial rejuvenation. Forma represents the newest innovation in skin tightening. Forma is a Radio Frequency device that uses heat to induce collagen remodeling to produce firmer, healthier looking skin.

Unlike other Radio Frequency devices, Forma uses patented ACE technology to maintain skin temperatures safely at target temperatures for several minutes. Other devices use quick pulses to heat the skin. This results in maintaining target temperatures for fractions of a second. The longer the skin is at target temperature, the better the result.

Another advantage is that the procedure is not very painful at all. The ACE technology allows a gentler heating without painful spikes of heat. We generally perform 6 to 8 treatments, 1 weeks apart. The satisfaction rate of our patients has been excellent. Firming of the skin with better tone and texture is the expected outcome.

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